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Women & Child Development

Women and Girls with disabilities are handicapped not only by negative attitudes towards disability, but also by gender discrimination and poverty. Where services and programmes for disabled persons do exist, it is the men and boys who are the primary beneficiaries. Women and girls with disabilities are largely excluded from the mainstream women's movement and from development programmes targeted at poor women, as well as from the self-help movement and organizations of people with disabilities. Overall, the marked gender disparity in the leadership and membership of self-help organizations of people with disabilities in India is indicative of the difficult situation of women and girls with disabilities.

Kiranam Women and Child development counsel

This unit along with the coordination of their units aims at establishment of a vocational training center, wherein women / children, disabled persons would be imparted training in specific trades like envelop making, screen printing, packaging, toys with plaster of Paris, chalk-piece making, candles, bamboo letter boxes, knitting jute bags, design printing on clothes and several items on sewing machines etc. Over a period of two years, this unit aims at identification of avenues for placement of the trained students. Nearly 110 women, 20 physically handicapped, 25 mentally retarded and 5 blind persons of different age groups could get benefit during the reporting year. It is proposed to commence a certificate course in Tailoring, Screen Printing and allied subjects for the use of the disabled. More women will be benefited for their rehabilitation, if the institute for the typewriting and shorthand is commenced.


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