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About Us

KIRANAM, Organization for the welfare of disabled is a nonprofit, noncommercial voluntary organization registered under the Public Societies Registration Act. (Telangana Area) (Article 1 of the 1350 fasli) Regd. by Govt.No.611/93 APPSR 1993 in Andhra Pradesh, India. KIRANAM is now, into it's fifteenth year extending a ray of hope, fulfilling its commitment to develop models of care for more and more disabled persons.

The Aims and Objectives of the organization are:

  • To provide vocational guidance and counselling services for the betterment of disabled including persons with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disablities.
  • To undertake projects that help in development of suitable models of services for the disabled in rural and urban areas.
  • To create awareness among the public to associate and cooperate with acitivities of the organisation.
  • To serve at preventive and rehabilitative levels for the senior citizens and disabled
  • To act as a liason agency and ensure that proper services are made available to the disabled through government channels also.
  • To work in coordination with NGOs and to develop a common platform for rendering services to the disabled.
  • To self-help groups among disabled and to encourage them to look after their own needs through the organisation.
  • To fight against atmospheric pollution, sound pollution.
  • To work for the development of sanitation, environment and water resources conservation
  • Nutrition and Health, Education for disabled, including women and children.
  • To serve mentally retarded through forming "Kiranam Parents Association for Mentally Retarded"
  • To undertake women and child development project for their upliftment through "Kiranam Women and Child Development Council"
  • To run small scale industries under "Kiranam Cooperative Society for Rehabilitation"
  • To establish Day Care Centres and Old Age home for Geriatic care and rehabilitation
  • To achieve and fulfill the above objectives and secure the finances from government and donor agencies and take all necessary steps, which the society thinks necessary.

Sri.S.R.Sankaran, IAS
Advisor & Well Wisher

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